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Fan Poll Friday: What’s Matthew Tkachuk Going To Get?

Matthew Tkachuk has a hearing today with the NHL.



Matthew Tkachuk was front and centre in the “brawl” that occurred in the 3rd period of the Red Wings beatdown of the Flames Wednesday night. We’ll let you deal with your shock and awe for a moment…..ok, moment’s over. Tkachuk got the gate for “spearing,” which seemed TOTALLY off base. At BEST, Tkachuk is guilty of annoying Red Wings forward, hockey player, neanderthal Luke Witkowski with a love tap to the back of his leg. Was it necessary, no. But that’s Tkachuk. Was it spearing? Not even close. Anyhoo. Tkachuk has a disciplinary hearing with the league today.

Vote in our poll below and tell us what YOU think Matthew Tkachuk will get from the league.

by Mark Parkinson