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Calgary Flames Perfectly Consistent in Their Volatility



Yegor Sharangovich Flames

It’s difficult to find any positivity in the weekend beatdown the Calgary Flames received at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes. 

Outscored 12-3.  

Outchanced 125-88; a 41CF%.  

And, of course, zero points gained in the standings.  

The product on the ice was tough to watch, but unfortunately for the narrative-seekers and pro-tank crowd, this up-and-down rollercoaster has been going for months; since far before Noah Hanifin and Chris Tanev were moved out. 

In hair-pulling fashion, the Calgary Flames simply can’t seem to settle whether they are one of the league’s best –  or one of the league’s worst.  

Calgary Flames streaks since December 9: 

Four losses
Three wins
Two losses
Three wins
Two losses
Four wins
Four losses
Four wins
Three losses
Five wins
One loss
One win
Two losses

Mark the outlier as the 6-3 win in Tampa on March 7; Flames fans aren’t seeing anything out of the norm in what happened to finish out the road trip this past weekend.

Ryan Huska’s Calgary Flames are fully capable of winning or losing to any team in the league, depending on what direction the team is going. This absurd extended stretch of consistent volatility has seen Calgary beating contenders such as Boston, Winnipeg, Vegas, and Florida – and then pivot into a stretch where their closest game is a 6-3 loss to the 31st-place Sharks. 

You can take it one step further and point out that in every one of the funks, such as the one that the Flames are currently going through, there is almost always a Carolina moment. 

Two hard-fought losses to Colorado and Vegas? A loss to the stumbling Minnesota Wild to drive the underline the losing streak drives the fans nuts.

Calgary has a solid, if unspectacular, Eastern Conference 2-1-0 road trip in early January? The Flames cap off the sojourn with a 4-3 loss to 32nd-place Chicago. Flames followers once again point to the sky and discuss how it appears to be drawing closer.

Three hard-fought losses to the Oilers, Leafs, and Blues? Columbus beats them 5-2.

A 5-0 loss to Detroit, a 6-3 loss to the Sharks; moments like this weekend are simply part of the nature of this roller coaster season.  


Let’s put things in a positive light. Subtract a nightmare October, and the Flames have been a playoff caliber team. 29-22-4 for a .564 points percentage. Eighth in the Western Conference over that time.

It’s fair to say that, while they certainly have a bit of a bipolar nature to them; Dr. Jekyll outweighs Mr. Hyde when it comes to the NHL hockey team based out of Calgary.


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