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Calgary Flames Rift And Trade Rumours Abound: What We Know

Depending on who you read and believe, the Calgary Flames could be in the midst of a Sutter and Treliving rift, or in some serious NHL trade talks. Here’s what we know.



If you believe all the banter out there, the Calgary Flames trade deadline interests range from Jakob Chychrun and Luke Schenn to James van Riemsdyk and Nick Ritchie. 

Oh, and Darryl Sutter is suddenly on the hot seat after winning the Jack Adams a year ago. 

This is the time of year where fans need a filter to figure out what’s real sourced information, and what’s speculative dart throwing made through obvious connections — relationships, history, and family ties. 

Flames GM Brad Treliving’s roots in Arizona will forever have him kicking tires on their players. And the truth is Treliving is one of the more actively engaged general managers in the NHL, frequently checking on price tags in case he finds value. 

James van Riemsdyk played with Nazem Kadri when the two were with the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Nick Ritchie’s brother, Brett, is already a member of the Calgary Flames. 

Reliable sources are about as important as wisdom teeth when it come to the spread of NHL trade rumours, so make sure you take them all with a grain of salt. 

And triple check those social media addresses before helping to fan the flames on these daily nuggets that are too often total nonsense. 

All that said, there is plenty going on with this team:

Treliving versus Sutter 

Things people think they know

According to some podcasters, and members of the public who think Sutter stinks, there’s a rift between the Calgary Flames head coach and GM. Some sites have gone as far as suggesting the Flames are considering firing the reigning Jack Adams winner — although no one is saying that would happen during the current season. 

Things we actually know

The Jakob Pelletier comments from Sutter after the rookie’s first NHL game didn’t go over well with Treliving, who has gone on record about this being a topic of conversation between the two of them. He didn’t dive into details, but suggested Sutter remember his players are watching and they need to do what’s right for them and their development. There's no reason to speculate that there was any heat behind it. 

It took just a couple of days for Sutter quickly and publicly changed his tune on Pelletier — sharing more about what he actually thinks about the 21-year-old prospect. 

So maybe this is a case of message received and there’s nothing more to see here barring an abysmal finish by the Flames. 

Keep in mind the team is still in position to battle for one of the top spots in the Pacific Division. 

NHL trade deadline desires

Things people think they know

The Flames are in on Schenn. JVR wouldn’t be a surprise. Regardless of the names you toss out there, from Ivan Barbashev to Timo Meier, the overwhelming consensus is that the Calgary Flames will add at least one or two players at the deadline. 

Things we actually know

From training camp to Christmas, Treliving had been looking to add pieces to bolster scoring depth, and perhaps to fill gaps on the blueline with such uncertainty over Oliver Kylington’s potential return. 

He’s given no such indications lately. 

In a recent article, the Calgary Flames GM suggested more of a wait-and-see approach with his inconsistent club, taking his cue from how the players perform ahead of the impending NHL trade deadline. 

Another reason for the less committed comments is the emergence of Pelletier, who scored his first NHL goal the other day in Buffalo. He might be the internal answer the Flames need for the top six role that has been ‘open’ all season. 

On the back end, we should soon find out what Kylington’s intentions are. The Flames could move his contract to LTIR if he’s not coming back and open more cap room for a depth defender (like Schenn).

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