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The Flames Reverse Retro Is…..The Pedestal

Are you surprised?



After much hype on a Wednesday and some very nondescript teaser videos, the NHL and Adidas released the Reverse Retro jerseys for the 2022-23 season. There weren't many surprises because in this day and age everything is leaked ahead of time. Icethetics (@icethletics) had been showing jersey mock ups or actual jersey leaks for a while now and were right about most of it. And that was certainly the case with the Calgary Flames.

The Flames and Adidas will be sending the Flames to the ice in their Pedestal Era jerseys this season…..with a slight twist. They'll be black. Like Blasty. Same letter and number font as well.

It's an interesting take on these for sure. I definitely think it's something that will grow on the fan base, but this is a jersey that is very much a love it or leave it with the fans.

The Pedestal doesn't exactly represent the best or most successful times in Calgary Flames history. It signified a "changing if the guard" so to speak. Flames legends like Joel Otto, Joe Nieuwendyk, Theo Fleury and Gary Roberts wore them for a bit before moving on and ending that era of Flames hockey. The Pedestal was the first jersey Jarome Iginla ever wore in Calgary (#24), so there's that sentimental attachment, but there's so much "meh" to attach to this sweater. When wearing these Calgary never finished higher than second (only once), made the playoffs only one time (swept by Chicago) and the most wins they ever had was 34. These were certainly the lean years (1995-2000), but for those that love the Pedestal these jerseys hold a special place in the fans hearts. I had a white one as a kid and currently own a road German Titov version, so I'm guilty.

As for the new version, I guess black is ok. It's odd with Blasty being the same color, but there is no way Adidas was going to trot out a stitch for stitch remake of the original, that's not what they do and we get it: it needs to be sexy or different to market it and drown in the cash it brings in. Speaking of cash, if you want one they aren't available until November 15th.

There's been no schedule released as to when these will be worn, so we will keep you updated on the development when it comes out. Will these be a hit? Time will tell. Aging has done well for Blasty, so maybe a trip down memory lane will soften up some anti-Pedestal stances. As for this writer, I'm still on the fence. I kind of like it, but it could also easily pass as a jersey you'd order from Wish (please don't do this). Personally, I'd have gone with a much more controversial version: the Heritage Classic and I know I'm in the minority on this one.

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by Mark Parkinson