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Calgary Flames

HOTN: Zadorov Deposits Kase

The Big Russian delivered a momentum-changing hit late in the first



Highlight Of The Night

Calgary Flames – Toronto Maple Leafs

The Flames generated some nice passing and some beautiful shots from above the circles, but one non-goal stood out as the easy highlight of the night. Nikita Zadorov caught Ondrej Kase at the perfect spot and popped his top just inside the Leafs zone late in the first period. A respectable number of dedicated Leafs fans carried the energy for most of the first period, but it was an equitable split for the remainder of the game after this crunch.

Unfortunately Kase departed the game after this hit, and did not return. With his history of concussion we hope he recovers quickly. The hit made contact with Kase’s head, but was certainly not the focal point and rather an unfortunate byproduct of the size differential. It would be surprising to see Zadorov get a call over this.

by Gordie Taylor