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Former Flame Glencross provides positive story fans need before holidays



Calgary Flames alumni Curtis Glencross

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the Calgary Flames these days, a nice story surfaced this week about an act of kindness by Curtis Glencross. It’s the kind of pick-me-up you might need if you’re struggling with the negative narratives surrounding the team lately.

The COVID outbreak that led to the postponement of six Flames games in the last two weeks. They also hit this holiday break with four straight losses. Perhaps the death of the arena deal, or the fact that when fans are allowed back in the Saddledome, it will only be half of them, and they can’t eat or drink there have you down. Oh, and the NHL said players can’t play in the Olympics.

But here’s a Flames positive that has nothing to do with the Omicron testing.

Glencross came to the rescue of Shayne Hill after she smacked into a deer and totaled her car on the highway between High River and Calgary earlier this month. Global News had the story this week.

She’d only had the car a week and after pulling over had just enough battery power on her phone to call her boyfriend before it died. The worst part was how many passed her by over the next 15 minutes or so before Glencross pulled back around and offered his help.

“He instantly was like, ‘You go get in my truck, it’s warm in there. I have a charger, charge your phone, make the phone calls that you need to, here’s my phone so you can call someone,’” Hill told Global’s Cami Kepke.

“He scoped out my vehicle for me, made sure I was okay, he helped me call the police.  He just was super helpful.”

Driver soon figured out her celebrity good Samaritan

The car was a wreck and the airbags went off but Hill soon figured out who her good Samaritan was as they waited for help.

“I just kind of looked at him and I was like, ‘Curtis Glencross?’ That’s what it kind of dawned on me who I was sitting beside,” Hill said.

“He just laughed, and I totally had a fangirl moment. I was like, ‘Holy smokes. I’m sitting beside this guy who I watched on TV growing up!’”

Glencross, always a hard-working winger determined to make an impact, didn’t hesitate to pull over and lend a hand. Part of a solid group of Calgary Flames alumni that remain local, he’s used to helping out in the community in all kinds of ways.

“It just feels natural to me to stop and help if someone’s in need,” he told Global.

As a kicker, Hill never got a picture with Glencross on that night, but the two met again randomly at a minor hockey game in Airdrie about a week later. She finally got her photo.

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