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Brad Aldrich’s Name To Be Removed From The Stanley Cup

The Blackhawks organization got the ball rolling on this idea last week.



The Chicago Blackhawks organization made a formal request last week to the Hockey Hall Of Fame to have Brad Aldrich’s name removed or “X’d” out from the Stanley Cup. Aldrich, a video coach, has his name on the Cup for being part of the Championship team of 2009-10. The recent investigation into his abhorred behavior while employed by the Blackhawks has started the conversation into removing him from the trophy and it’s now going to happen.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been paying attention to the NHL lately an investigation was started after Kyle Beach came out with his story of being sexually assaulted by Aldrich in his apartment back in 2010. Beach was a Black Ace at the time (minor league player rewarded for his play by being added to the playoff roster as an emergency player) and traveled with the Blackhawks during their Championship playoff run. During that time Beach detailed the horrifying assault at the hands of Aldrich and a Blackhawks intern would later detail how Aldrich groped him in the backseat of a cab as well. Aldrich was let go from the team after the allegations came to light AFTER the playoff were over, receiving a severance deal, playoffs bonus and a Stanley Cup ring. He would go on to coach at different American colleges and a HS as well, where he’s accused of having sexual relations with a then 16 and 14 year old. He is currently registered as a sex offender.

The Blackhawks spent years sweeping this under the rug and ignoring the situation, but time has finally caught up with the organization. Beach coming forward last week in a public forum and the independent investigation being released has put the Chicago Blackhawks in an uncomfortable spotlight, which they’ve most certainly earned with their handling of the situation. Stan Bowman is gone as GM of the team. Joel Quennevile (the coach in 2010) resigned as Head Coach of the Florida Panthers. The organization was fined $2 million (which is a joke). And Assistant GM Kevin Cheveldayoff (currently in Winnipeg with the Jets) met with the league, but wasn’t fined or forced to resign, though his name has been linked to this for his lack of action while being the Asst. GM with Chicago.

When everything was released the Blackhawks (done by chairman Rocky Wirtz) reached out asked to have Aldrich’s name taken off, what is arguably, the most recognizable trophy in all of sports. A minor gesture that doesn’t change anything for Kyle Beach, but it’s a sign of the first proper thing the Blackhawks as an organization have done with regards to this entire situation.

This afternoon the Hockey Hall Of Fame agreed with the Blackhawks request and Lanny MacDonald (HHOF), along with Gary Bettman and NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly announced they are moving forward with the process of removing Brad Aldrich’s name from the Stanley Cup.

by Mark Parkinson