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2021 Report Card: Elias Lindholm

Another year, another fantastic performance for the Flames best centre.



Elias Lindholm, Centre

56 GP, 19 G, 28 A, 47 Pts, 22 PIM, +10

52.85 CF%, 52.11 xGF%, -0.27 CFRrel%, -2.34 xGFRel%

2019-20 Report Card: A

2018-19 Report Card: A

Individual Grades

MarkParkinson14: A If you look at the past grades, reader grades and our grades as writers, you can tell what Elias Lindholm is: consistently great. Every season he has been here has been an eye opening experience and his 56 games performance from this year was nothing short of that. He was tied for the team lead in goals with Johnny Gaudreau and just two points off the pace for being tops in that category as well. He just doesn’t make mistakes on the ice and once Darryl Sutter paired Lindholm, Gaudreau and Tkachuk together things really took off for the Flames. People can gripe about a certain player going to Carolina in the trade that brought Lindholm here, but the Flames clearly won that trade hands down.

MGMacGillivray: A When the Flames moved Lindholm from wing to center, I was unsure about how he would fit and if we would see the same level of production from him. However it has quickly become clear just how good Lindholm is for the Flames as he excelled down the middle this year and is really the closest thing the Flames have to a #1 Center. With his combined play on both sides of special teams, he really is one of the most important pieces of this Flames team. Considering he his also on a long term contract at a very reasonable price, it’s easy to see how he is one of the core pieces to build this team around. He finished the year on a 69 point pace (nice) over 82 games, and should easily exceed 30 goals for the first time in his career next season.

MadelineCampbell: A The consensus here is pretty aggressive, but it’s absolutely deserved. Lindholm was one of, if not singularly, the Flames’ most consistent forwards this season, and given how weird and volatile it proved, that really is no small feat. We aren’t going to see him putting together highlight reel plays every night (but it sure is still fun when he does!) but he’s just steady and does pretty much everything right. The scoring pace was really solid, as were the underlying numbers, and all of the solid offensive production never came at the expense of any defensive responsibility. Lindholm has been excellent since he was brought in, and this season was no exception. And truthfully, I don’t know how much more we could possibly ask of him.

RenuSahota: A

MilhouseFirehouse: A

Gordie.Taylor: A

Readers: A

Final Grade: A

by Mark Parkinson