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2021 Flames Report Card: Sean Monahan

Another year of struggles and injuries for Sean Monahan.



Welcome to the first player report card of the 2021 offseason. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing each of the 20 eligible Flames players on the season they had an assess our grades for them. We will be trying to do three of these a week so stay tuned as the series continues. First up, Sean Monahan!

Sean Monahan, Center

2020-21 Stats: 50 GP, 10 G, 18 A, 28 Pts, 10 PIM, -6

49.68 CF%, -4.03 CFRel%, 51.60 xGF%, -1.93 xGFRel%

2019-20 Grade: B-

2018-19 Grade: A-

Individual Grades

MGMacGillivray: C It was another tough year for Sean Monahan as his points per game total fell for the second straight season and he became a bit of a scapegoat on the forward core. It’s becoming ever more clear that Monahan is not much above a 2C at best, and the Flames have finally decided to break him away from Johnny Gaudreau to which the latter had much success. At this point you have to think that he is somewhat expendable in the eyes of the team.

MarkParkinson14: D I don’t know what to say about Monahan anymore. He’s clearly not the point producer he has been in the past and yes, I understand he played hurt AGAIN, but the fact that Johnny Gaudreau blossomed when they were separated should tell you all you need to know. Sean finished 6th on the Flames with 28 points, a mere 5 ahead of Milan Lucic. I don’t know what kind of trade value Monahan has between his always being injured and his declining play, but it’s high time Calgary explored the trade market for him.

RenuSahota: C It’s been a tough couple of years for all NHL players, but Monahan’s steady decline has been showing. He needs to take time to heal, rest up, and come back READY to play physically, mentally, and emotionally. #23 has been my favourite current Calgary Flames player forever — I expected more than one season with 70+ points from him (a point per game this short season is what he should be able to produce). Even before we saw the Gaudreau—Lindholm—Tkachuk line thrive, it was obvious Johnny-Monny as linemates wasn’t working out.

Gordie.Taylor: D Obviously many Flames saw their point totals and skill falter during this tough season, but Monahan falls into his own class of catastrophic failure. His foot speed, hand speed, and lack of physicality have always given me cause for concern, but his goal scoring ability and point totals have overshadowed that. With how well Gaudreau played after being split from him, and only scoring 5 even strength goals on tenders this year, 6+ million for a player of his caliber is more of an anchor than a steal at this point.

Reader Grade: C-

MadelineCampbell: D

MilhouseFirehouse: D

Flashalytics: D

Final Grade: D+

by Michael MacGillivray