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The Long Campaign is Over, It’s Time to Come Together Again

After an extremely divisive few years, it’s time to reunite



After years of significant debate and the alienation of both sides into polar extremes of the argument, we finally have a result. We were teased with the potentially great result a few nights prior, but after a few days the final result arrived and much celebration has ensued.

It was an extremely tumultuous time for all involved as it was difficult to maintain successful dialogues with those who didn’t agree with your side, no matter which side you fell on. To see a once so united group of people being torn apart by arguing really hurt, but now it is time to move forward.

A decision has been made, and no matter how much the losing side wants to protest the results, we have to move forward as a collective to ensure the best possible future. A familiar face is back in the house he belongs in after an absence, and it is his job to lead a nation with an uncertain future.

Yes, Ol’ Blasty is back.

After much outcry for a return to this glorious jersey for years or even a decade, the Calgary Flames have finally done it. They’re bringing back Blasty. Of course there are quite a few who still hate the logo and the jersey with a passion, but oh well too bad it’s gorgeous.

The Flames will be rocking these jerseys as their alternates going into next season and coupled with going full retro earlier this offseason, the Flames are going to look amazing. We’ll see if that actually translates to their play.

The decision has been made, there’s nothing that can be done and yes it is your third jersey whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Whether or not you loved how the Flames decided, we have to move forward now as a fanbase and refocus all of our energy on taking down the Oilers. Because after all, that’s our real goal, not deciding which jersey we will be donning to defeat them with.

by Michael MacGillivray