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Calgary Flames

Staff Predictions: Game 1, Calgary Flames vs Winnipeg Jets

The Qualifying Round starts now!



Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames vs Winnipeg Jets, 8:30 PM MT

Favorite: Calgary Line: -120 O/U: 5.5

Calgary vs Winnipeg Overall: 11-8-1

Calgary vs Winnipeg 2019-20: 0-0-1

10/26: Calgary Flames 1 @ Winnipeg Jets 2 (OTL)


Mark: Calgary Flames 1 – Winnipeg Jets 3

I don’t like when the Flames are the favorite. I don’t like when the Flames haven’t played meaningful hockey in over 100 days. And I certainly don’t like when the Flames have a rough exhibition outing, that in the end means nothing. Connor Hellebuyck is good, like really good and that never goes well for the Flames. So maybe the reverse jinx will work, but I’m sensing a Winnipeg victory and that could make this a quicker series than most Flames fans want. Past history does not make me feel any better about the playoffs version of the Flames.

Michael: Calgary Flames 4 – Winnipeg Jets 2

Over the Monahan-Gaudreau era the Flames actually haven’t been terrible in Game 1s. I think that trend continues. The Jets are really not a good hockey team, but their goaltender is very good. I think the Flames pounce on the Jets with a shocking early goal that’s extremely flukey and then score at least one PP goal over the course of the game. Calgary will also score an empty net goal to cement the W in Game 1.

Maddie: Calgary Flames 3 – Winnipeg Jets 2 (OT)

Michael brings up a good point that the Flames have tended to be pretty good in Game 1s, and that’s something I’m keeping in mind. They also didn’t look awful in their exhibition game—they did start pretty poorly and the last few minutes were also rough, but they did pick up some steam as the game went on, so I’m not feeling too bad coming into this game. I’m feeling optimistic that the Flames can start off strong-ish in this series. But I’m also predicting overtime because I’ve been awake since 7:30 and the game doesn’t start until 10:30 my time, and I’m on recap duty, so overtime just feels right. We’ll see what happens!

Renu: 3-1 Flames win and I won’t cry myself to sleep.

by Mark Parkinson