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Calgary Flames

Staff Predictions: Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers

Sloppy Joe, slop, Sloppy Joe.



Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers, 8:30 PM MT

Calgary vs Edmonton Overall: 135-122-19

Calgary vs Edmonton 2019-20: 3-1-0

12/27: Calgary 5 @ Edmonton 1 (W)

1/11: Calgary 4 vs Edmonton 3 (W)

1/29: Calgary 4 @ Edmonton 3 (SOW)

2/1: Calgary 3 vs Edmonton 8 (L)

Calgary Last 10: 6-3-1

Edmonton Last 10: 5-3-2


Mark: I don’t even want to predict a score because neither team has played in what seems like an eternity. I predict sloppy, turnover laden hockey. Let’s just get everyone off the ice healthy and move on to Winnipeg.

Renu: 2-1 Flames W. I expect a medium-pace game with lots of puck cycling. There’ll be some chirps, but I hope there’s nothing too physical in this warm up game before the start of the playoffs. Both Talbot and Rittich are expected to play, so it’ll be fun to watch them in net. Would be nice to see the Flames get a win in the Battle of Alberta and keep the momentum going into their playoff series with the Winnipeg Jets, beginning August 1st.

Maddie: 3-2 Flames W. I fully expect that this game is going to be a little weird, but that’s okay. They’re still sort of figuring it out. But we’ve also had enough time off that all of my grumpiness has disappeared and I’m just left with blind optimism. We’ll see how long that lasts, but for now I’m embracing it. The Flames are going to kick things off with a win. Let’s go.

Flash: 3-2 FLAMES WIN, YEAH BABY. I’m gonna be honest with you, this could end 1-0 after 17 overtime periods and I wouldn’t care, Hockey’s back baby.

by Mark Parkinson