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Is It A Jersey? Is It A Sweater?

It’s an age old debate and we want you to settle it for us!



SBN Hockey Jersey Week

It's Jersey Week here at SBN and M&G was more than happy to join in! All week we will have NHL jersey related content for you. Today we're starting it if simply: is it a jersey or a sweater????

Despite the heading saying “Jersey Week” and despite the sub menu’s when you order a jersey labeling them a “jersey”, there is a debate as to what they are actually called. Some people are old school and call it a sweater. Some people think that’s an outdated description because, well, it’s not a sweater.

Jersey? Sweater? Sweater? Jersey? Which is it? A lot of this could rely upon how old you are and how dear you hold NHL traditions/terminology to your heart. When the game was played outdoors, players actually wore sweaters. Early jerseys were heavier to keep players warm, compare that to today’s light weight materials which are more breathable and believe it or not, cooler.

Older folks seem to bounce back and forth on calling it one or the other. Truth be told, I find myself using both terms on occasion. Personally, I think it’s a jersey. Sure, it’s fun to throw it back every now and then and call it a sweater, but let’s face it: NHL jerseys are as far away from sweaters today as apples are from oranges.

Don’t let that last paragraph sway you though! What are your thoughts? Vote in our poll below to settle the debate once and for all!

by Mark Parkinson