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NHL Logo Bracket Challenge: Second 16 Of The Round Of 32

The Oilers didn’t survive this bracket.



NHL Logo Bracket Challenge

We’re on to the second half of the Round Of 32 with 16 more logos, eight of which have to go. There’s still one Flames logo alive in this half on the bracket and a hated rival was jettisoned in this round….twice! There’s still three Original 6 teams left in this side and a battle of California that’s loaded with purple. Here’s the results from the first round and the next set of logos for you to vote on!


(1) Boston Bruins (W) vs Florida Panthers 1993

(2) Minnesota North Stars (W) vs Washington Capitals 1974

(3) Nashville Predators vs Detroit Red (W)

(4) Boston Bruins Winnie The Pooh vs St. Louis Blues (W)

(5) Edmonton Oilers Oil Drop vs Old Blasty (W)

(6) Tampa Bay Lightning 1993 (W) vs Columbus Blue Jackets

(7) NY Islanders vs California Golden Seals (W)

(8) Minnesota Wild vs Robo Penguin (W)

(9) LA Kings (W) vs Carolina Hurricanes

(10) Florida Panthers vs NY Islanders Fisherman (W)

(11) Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks (W)

(12) NJ Devils (W) vs Arizona Coyotes

(13) Anaheim Mighty Ducks (W) vs Washington Capitals Eagle

(14) Atlanta Thrashers vs LA Kings 1967 (W)

(15) Buffalo Sabres Red & Black vs Philadelphia Flyers (W)

(16) Chicago Blackhawks (W) vs Kansas City Scouts

Here's a look at the bracket that you'll be voting on in the poll below:

Poll Closes 4/3

by Mark Parkinson