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NHL Logo Bracket Challenge: It’s The First 16 Logos Of The Round Of 32

It’s time to send 8 logos home as we move along in the NHL Logo Bracket Challenge.



We’ve reached the Round of 32! Here’s what happened in the first round to get us to this point:

Calgary Flames (W) vs Phoenix Coyotes Kachina: 53-4

Powder Blue Penguins (W) vs NJ Devils Red & Green: 4-2

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Vancouver Canucks Skate (W): 10-6

Anaheim Muscle Duck vs Quebec Nordiques (W): 12-0

Vancouver Canucks Orca (W) vs Dallas Stars: 2-0

Winnipeg Jets (Jet) (W) vs Pittsburgh Penguins: 6-2

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Rockies (W): 7-2

Colorado Avalanche vs Toronto Maple Leafs 80’s (W): 11-10

Hartford Whalers (W) vs Vancouver Stick Logo: 21-1

Buffalo Sabres vs Cleveland Barons (W): 3-2

Columbus Blue Jackets Cannon vs NY Rangers (W): 2-0

Calgary Flames 1989 (W) vs Washington Capitals: 36-0

Montreal Canadiens (W) vs Vegas Golden Knights: 5-0

NY Rangers Statue Of Liberty vs Atlanta Flames (W): 4-2

Ottawa Senators (W) vs Buffalo Sabres Slug: 3-0

Winnipeg Jets 1979 (W) vs Anaheim Ducks: 9-0

Here are your current match-ups with the Flames well represented in this side of the bracket. There’s even a potential 1989 Cup rematch between Calgary and Montreal down the road! No surprise in this side that the classic team logos did fairly well, with the Penguins knocking out the NJ Devils Christmas logo being maybe the biggest upset. Vote on the current match-ups to send 8 logos off to the Sweet 16!

by Mark Parkinson