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Statistical Summarization — CGY @ ANA

Numbers can tell a story, and then Cam Talbot tells that story to frig off because he’s gonna do his own thing.



It’s been over a decade since the Flames won back-to-back games at the Honda center, and what a win that 2nd one was. Cam freakin’ Talbot (more on him later) was a machine. Flames got out corsi’d (pretty badly too) only putting up 40.37% at 47:14 of 5v5 ice time. They also lacked in all scoring chances (42.59%) but lead in HDCF (54.55%) and xGF% (51.4). In summary from the numbers, the guys need to buy Talbot some dinner for all the work he put in, but the D didn’t let too many quality looks against. 

Corsi King – This section won’t be pretty because as stated in the intro, the Flames got dummied in possession. Only 1 line had above 50%. Sean Monahan (53.13), Johnny Gaudreau (51.61), and Elias Lindholm (50.00%) all threw more attempts at the net than the opposition did to them. The key to victory here was the quality, not the quantity. It’s not always that way, but obviously with the 6-0 game, this time it was.

Corsi Clown – FIVE players under 30%. That’s a new season high, leading the bottom up list were a couple goal scorers. Mikael Backlund (22.73%) and Oliver Kylington (24.24) both made the most of when they did have the puck. Kylington’s goal was an absolute snipe, and Backlund’s backhand shorty was a rocket. Despite that, they both sucked this game at having the puck on their stick a lot, they capitalized when it counted.

Taken By Chance – Brandon Davidson had a SCF of 11.11%, but we know he’s a minor league player so I’ll focus on the lack of chances Dillon Dube got. 2 for, 11 against (1 HDF, 3 HDA) for a 15.38% SCF. Combine that with his low xGF and bad CF and you can really see a hard fact that Dube needs a little more grooming in the minors. You don’t want to pull an Oilers and rush him, he projects to be a top 6 Forward, which will mean nothing if the Flames screw up his development. Phillips is almost back, Czarnik is on a tear, do a swap and see the results improve. I know I’m not wrong.

Mony – Lindy – Johnny led again. They didn’t get double digit chances for, but had less than 5 come against them. Also as a line they put up 4 High Danger chances only seeing 1 come against them. A very solid night for the trio.

xG% – I don’t even want to say who led this category because he most certainly is NOT an NHL player and is below replacement level by all statistical accounts. But Michael Stone had an xGF of 71.88% last night. One good game out of 28 doesn’t change my opinion on him, but he did lead the category so bravo Mike. Davidson, on the other hand, also sucked and Yelesin should be put back in. He had a strong first game so, naturally, Ward pulls him from the lineup? I’m getting so sick of Geoff Ward’s ancient coaching tactics that aren’t based on anything other than gut feelings and misinformation.

Game Flow – 

I mean, when it’s 4-0 after one I can kind of respect the fact you lay back a little and play some more defence, but Ward does this when it’s 1-0 Flames, or 3-1 not Flames, so yeah. Hey did you guys hear Bruce Boudreau is available? Just sayin.

Game Score – Leader? Cam Talbot (3.69) who we’ll touch on below. Followed by mr. finally-had-a-good-game Michael Stone (3.65) and the real reason for his success, this year’s surprise rock on the back end TJ Brodie (3.42). Leading the charge from the front lines was Andrew Mangiapane (2.67) which speaks to his overall game finishing ahead of both 2 goal scorers (Backlund 2.50 // Jankowski 2.49) to be the top forward. Last night’s duds? Brandon Davidson (-0.59) was a negative in a 6-0 game, ouch, and Rinaldo who had a weirdly timed fight? That wasn’t really needed, but got him a positive score at 0.25. Dube also had a 0.50 game, but it wasn’t because he played well.

Shot Heatmap – 

I call this chart – The Ducks suck. When you look at it you can clearly uncover the fact that the ducks suck. Like HOW do you have no red heart markings in front of your opponent, whose on their 3rd game in 4 days, net!?! Talbot had it easier than you think for a 40+ save shutout, and the Flames capitalized on their quality chances. Seriously poor John Gibson, this is bad.

Player Spotlight – Cam Talbot – Zero goals obviously means a good night. Zero goals on an expected goals against of 2.39 at 5v5? HELL YEAH. Cam felt the spirit of Valentine’s day and showed this fanbase some love. Last night he faced 7 high danger chances (a bit low for a team with a CF of 60%, Ducks got some stuff to work on) and 12 MD shots. While the Ducks didn’t get any real quality, the man in the pipes did his thing admirably.

Flashylitical 3 stars – 

You guys don’t know how much it hurt me to put Stone there, but he absolutely earned it last night. HM: Johnny Gaudreau and Elias Lindholm. Sorry to Backs and Janko, their other numbers were just NOT good enough.

(All stats compiled from, Game Score from // Follow me on twitter @Flash_33

by Shane Stevenson