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Statistical Summarization — CGY @ SJS

Resurgence without cost means success, what we’re witnessing comes with costs.



Back to back 6-2 wins. I don’t objectively look at the score though, i like to dive into the guts and find out whether this is expected to be a regular occurance, or if they’ve hit puck luck in back to back games. As long as the Flames PP units are clicking they’ve got the chance to stay in any game. This one in particular wasn’t too strong of a possession game at 5v5, finishing with a CF% of 44.79 in 49:33. They countered the “lack” of chances by actually getting shots through with a SCF% of 54.72 (but HDCF were just 47.62%) and an xGF% of 58.5. Not a tremendous outlook for consistent success, but nowhere near terrible.

Corsi King – Big bounce back from a game where he was buried, Sean Monahan put up 62.07 CF%. His partner in crime Johnny Gaudreau was right behind him with 59.38%. The top defender for a 2nd night in a row was Noah Hanifin (51.43%) whose play since Giordano went down has been a massive positive.

Corsi Clown – Brandon Davidson stepped in, and promptly got buried at just 21.05%. While Monahan bounced back, Backlund fell back down to just 30.77%. More consistency out of Tkachuk and Backlund might come from having them play together more, but i’ve said for awhile now, with the way Ward has the team play in the 3rd period (especially with a lead) the numbers here won’t be looking successful in the slightest.

Taken by Chance – Johnny Gaudreau had a rate of 16 for and 4 against for a lovely 80% SCF rating. Monahan was just behind him with 15 for and 4 against (78.95%). Both those gentlemen, along with Rasmus Andersson, led the HDCF too at 6 for, 2 against. Mangiapane had a dud of a game, only putting up a SCF% of 25%

xG% – Good games bring good results all around. Mony and Johnny lead here too, so instead of focusing on them a 3rd time I’ll mention that Elias Lindholm had a great xGF game racking up a 74.77% rating. With the good comes the bad and one player was under 20%, and if you read regularly you can tell this can be closely related to scoring chances. Bottom of the barrel? Andrew Mangiapane (19.82)

Game Flow – 

I could sit here and just scream to nobody about the way this years Flames team ends their games, but it always falls on deaf ears. I hate it, I hate sitting on your heels and playing trap hockey. It’s boring and with the roster we have it doesn’t work too well, or we’d be dummying the whole division. UGH

Game score – Leading the pack, blowing out his season average score of 0.23 is Noah Hanifin with 4.31 rating. I’ll also acknowledge the fact that Zac Rinaldo, whom I’m extremely critical of, had a 3.36 rating. Kylington had another really rough game at -0.06, the only Flame to finish with a negative score.

Shot Heatmap – 

Flames have shown better games at getting to the net, but I do like the concentration of the shots coming from the middle of the ice. Get the puck to the dangerous area when you can and give it a go, way better than wimpy perimeter shots. I think the basketball term is “take it to the rim” and the team does a fairly okay job at representing that.

Player Spotlight – Milan Lucic – Game Score last night of 3.25. His goal may have not have been through his legs (very nice btw, Mr. Tkachuk) but those redirected goals like his are not easy to do. Layed out 3 hits and a blocked shot too, I like when Looch goes on his mini streaks. Coming from Edmonton he’s so easy to cheer for to get success so we can rub it in their faces. I wasn’t a fan of the trade when it happened, but as i’ve said previously i’ve come around.

Flashylitical 3 Stars – 

HM: Sean Monahan & Noah Hanifin.

(All stats compiled from, & Game score from

by Shane Stevenson