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Op-Ed: Riley Cote talks about the Battle of Alberta

FaceTime chat with former Philadelphia Flyers enforcer and how he thinks that the game of hockey has evolved.



We couldn’t get a hold of Zac Rinaldo, so we have his former teammate Riley Cote chatting with M&G about his thoughts on the game of hockey —and specifically the last Battle of Alberta that took place on January the 11th at the Saddledome.

There was huge media and fan outcry after the Flames won the game 4-3 on a PP goal. Zack Kassian was handed out multiple penalties — Calgary Flames winning in more ways than one. It may end up being the pivotal game of the season, the Flames taking 1st position in the Pacific Division after that match.

The All-Star Matthew Tkachuk causing all sorts of havoc, getting under the skin of Kassian until he lost his cool and started pummelling him.

Riley Cote had a lot to say about the code of ethics and how it’s changed over the decades.

Was Kassian dealt a fair hand. Should Tkachuk have been penalized as well. Who should play the tough guy role next battle — Milan Lucic .. Rinaldo .. or Tkachuk himself ..

We all have our opinions, but let’s hear from somebody who’s been on the ice and understands the game at a different level/perspective.

It was a lengthy chat — with a few swear words, so here’s the chopped up version of my discussion with Riley this morning:

Do you agree/ or disagree?

The next Battle of Alberta takes place on Wednesday, January 29th in Edmonton, 8PM MT.

by Renu Sahota