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Calgary Flames

Staff Predictions: Calgary Flames vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Do we think the Flames will start a new streak tonight?



Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames vs Pittsburgh Penguins, 7 PM MT


Favorite: Calgary Line: -120 O/U: 6.0

Calgary vs Pittsburgh: 30-17-8

Calgary vs Pittsburgh Overall: 44-47-18

Calgary Last 10: 7-3-0


Mark: Calgary Flames 4 – Pittsburgh Penguins 2

It’s time for a new streak and for someone to solve Tristan Jarry. That job falls on the Flames and they get it done tonight.

Maddie: Calgary Flames 4 – Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (OT)

I have no idea, gang. I want to be optimistic here, because the Flames got pretty well walloped in their last game and I want to think that they’re going to want to come out and do some damage and get themselves back on track. So I’m going to predict a win for them, but I also don’t feel super confident in it. The Penguins are still a bit beat up but they’re still winning games. I don’t understand the witchcraft they have going on over there, so if they blow the doors off this one, I still won’t understand it, but I also won’t be surpsised.

Michael: Calgary Flames 3 – Pittsburgh Penguins 2 (SO)

I think the stats guys can back me up here, but I’m pretty sure that any team that plays handball soccer in practice immediately increases their chances of winning their next game by 75%.

Safe Prediction: Elias Lindholm scores a goal

Bold Prediction: Bold Prediction: Cam Talbot makes >43 saves.

Flash: Calgary Flames 1 – Pittsburgh Penguins 4

I seem to be the resident Scrooge here, but I feel after putting up a goose egg the Flames aren’t gonna look for quality shots tonight and just go for quantity.* With the way Jarry has been playing that shouldn’t work too well either. I don’t think they’ll play a bad game, but could swing the tide with an early goal (especially a PP one)

*Although, handball soccer does increase scoring chances by 17.3% (This is a real stat, I swear)

by Mark Parkinson