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Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames To Unveil Heritage Classic Jersey Friday

It’s time for a Flames fashion update.



Heritage Classic Coverage

The Flames tweeted today that they and Adidas will be unveiling their Heritage Classic jerseys on Friday. Speculation hit the Twitterverse the other day that Calgary would be going with their “retro white” version of their uniforms, but if you look at the brief clip above their appears to be black on the shoulder yokes of the jersey (but it also looks like a hoodie under the jersey). And clearly there is no black anywhere on their retro whites. With that said, anyone with any kind of marketing background knows that the black in the background could literally be ANYTHING to throw people off the scent of what Calgary and Adidas are doing.

Since taking over the uniform contract from Reebok, Adidas has done a decent job streamlining the team jerseys and making them a better fit. Where they have failed, at times, (personal opinion) is in the specialty jersey department. The All Star Game jerseys have been lame and the Stadium Series specialties have been a two color mess. For example:

Now, we can be fair here at M&G. Adidas NAILED it with the sets they came up with for the Bruins and Blackhawks as evidenced below.

What does any of this mean? Nothing really, except what do you want to spend your hard earned money on. By tomorrow afternoon you will know what the Flames will be wearing on October 26th as they take on the Winnipeg Jets at the Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic in Regina. The question is: will you be wearing what the Flames are wearing? I for one, hope they do something fun like Reebok did back in 2011. That was a great looking uniform.

by Mark Parkinson