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Calgary Flames 2015-2016: Favourite Moments – Gaudreau Redemption

A young Gaudreau fan got his heart momentarily broken, then gets the chance of a lifetime.



Let's talk about all that's right in the world. What was originally a seemingly harmless joke on a Gaudreau-loving kid turned into a night Hayden will probably never forget.

It started as an April Fool’s Day joke on Hayden, when his mom told him that Johnny Gaudreau got traded from the Calgary Flames. You could see the heart-break on poor Hayden’s face as the realization of what his mom said sunk in. Just as he was about to burst into tears, his mom confessed it was only an April Fool’s Day joke.

The little boy seemed inconsolable, but Johnny Gaudreau tweeted out right away, helping to ease the little boy's sadness.

But then little Hayden and his family were in for the best kind of redemption – they got to meet Johnny Gaudreau at Rexall Place during the Flames/Oilers Battle Of Alberta. The look on Hayden’s face was priceless when he shook Johnny’s hand.

Never in the many years that I've had to endure April Fool's Day jokes (because it's my birthday and I'm always the butt of every joke) have I ever been witness to something as remarkable as this.

Thank you, Calgary Flames and Johnny Gaudreau, for sharing this moment that became one of my favourite moments of the Flames 2015-2016 season!

by Traci Kay