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2015-16 Report Card: Ladislav Smid

Things have not gone so well for Smid.



Ladislav Smid



Scoring At Average Season Noise
G A1 P1 G A1 P1 +/- A2 Hits BS
0 0 0 0 0 0 -11 0 39 33
G60 A160 P160 xGF60 Rel xGA60 Rel Mod xG% CF60 Rel CA60 Rel Mod CF% Mod GF%
0 0 0 0.01 -0.54 54.164 -2.54 0.06 47.454 28.97
5V4 4V5 Penalty
G60 A160 P160 xGF60 Rel GF60 Rel CF60 Rel iCF60 xGA60 Rel GA60 Rel +/-
0 0 0 1.72 -4.13 -44.44 12.96 -0.42 4.7 -1

Samwell9 – F

Ladislav Smid came to the Calgary Flames in November 2013, after one of those almost unicorn like trades between the Alberta teams. Flames GM Jay Feaster was quoted at the time as saying “he’s a guy who can play big minutes”. Unfortunately, Smid has barely played any minutes at all for the Flames of late. When he has, the results have left a lot to be desired.

Injuries have really wreaked havoc on Smid’s career. Already with a history of neck injuries, he was victimized December 12, 2014 from a brutal headshot by Simon Despres that was somehow deemed unworthy of even a one game suspension. Smid missed most of the remainder of that season, eventually having neck surgery. This season, after playing limited minutes in 22 games, he was shut down once again due to neck issues. In the games he played, he really did not have much of a positive impact at all, going pointless and having poor possession stats, like he has for the entirety of his career. While he would appear a prime buyout candidate, the Flames actually cannot buy Smid’s final year out as he is currently injured and the CBA prevents teams from buying out injured players. So, Smid will return for his final year of his contract, but do not be surprised if he is placed on the long-term injured reserve and does not play a single game. The guy has had so many serious neck injuries, I hope he packs it in before he suffers another. I would like to give Smid an “incomplete”, but we have to grade and the entirety of his season has to be an F from me. I really do hope he is doing okay.

MattyFranchise – F

When Smid was on the ice, he gave up 3 times as many goals as were scored compared to his team mates. GF% of 34.95 and a GF%Rel of -16.4. The only players that have a worse GF%Rel are two late season call ups and Kulak, who played in place of (roster wise) TJ Brodie. All of the other stats I like to break out when when people are doubting a bad player go right out the window here. Smid was just plain bad. Most bad players don't do this poorly when their only job is "don't get scored on while the good players are resting." Injury woes aside, and I really do hope he retires, not just for me but for himself, he has to be given an F.

HockeyGoalieEh – A-

Why is Ladislav Smid getting a grade? 255 minutes isn't really enough to make a quality judgment especially for a defensemen, but here goes nothing. He barely played, but when he did he lead the Flames defensemen with a minimum of 100 minutes played with a 5.44 relative xG at evens. He then got injured. The time that he played was actually pretty good despite the bad luck with the Flames getting outscored.

Will he be able to play next year? Doubtful. Will he retire? Also doubtful as that would be a lot of money to leave on the table, but there's a good chance the Flames can put him on LTIR.

FlamesMM- F

It's a shame when players have their careers end for health reasons rather than on their own terms. Unfortunately, it seems as though Smid is stuck in that position after suffering various serious injuries over the last few seasons. On the ice though Smid didn't really bring much to the Flames either but he'll likely be placed on LTIR for next season and the open up some cap space for the Flames. Hopefully Smid is able to heal and continue on, it's too bad things had to end like this. I'm in the same boat as MattyFranchise in that an incomplete seems more fair than an F but I'll have to give him an F for the season.

by samwell9