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Calgary Flames

Joni Ortio Placed On Waivers

Elliotte Friedman broke the news that Joni Ortio has been placed on waivers today by the Calgary Flames.



Picture it, two goalies, playing tandem, no official starter, and no one is doing an exceptional job. Enter Joni Ortio, a 24 year old Finnish goalie, to serve as backup to the two main goalies.

He is given the golden key and is touted by fans as the saviour of all things good in FlamesLand until, lo and behold, he doesn't do as well as projected either. Yes, I was one of the ones who held him in high regard too.

Fast-forward through the four games he played (0 wins) and the tandem goalie hip injury (Jonas Hiller, out for 12 games so far and is expected back soon) to today, when he’s still sitting on the bench and collecting dust because the injured goalie is about to come back to play and there won’t be room for three goalies.

Now what does the team do?

According to Elliotte Friedman, Joni Ortio has been placed on waivers today.

And we will find out his fate in the next few hours. Will he get claimed by another team who needs a backup goalie? Or will he be sent to Stockton to be able to play again with the Heat?

I'll keep you updated on any other news that may arise.

by Traci Kay