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Johnny Hockey? More like Johnny Overtime.

Johnny Gaudreau has been good in overtime this season, but how good has he really been?



Johnny Gaudreau. Johnny Hockey. Johnny Overtime. Johnny on the spot. Call him what you want because they are all appropriate. In his second full season, Gaudreau continues to amaze with his larger than life play and it’s no more evident than in crunch time. Or specifically, overtime. In 30 games this season Gaudreau has 3 goals and 4 assists in the extra frame. The three on three overtime format suits his skills perfectly and he’s taken full advantage of the situation.

So, how good is #13 in the extra period? The NHL record for OT goals belongs to Steven Stamkos from the 2011-12 season. He scored 5 in an entire season. Gaudreau has 3 in 30 games. He’s 2 goals from tying Stamkos and there’s 52 games left in the 2015-16 season. Now, yes, the rules for overtime have changed since Stamkos netted 5 in the extra period, but it still doesn’t make what Johnny Gaudreau is doing any less impressive. When Gaudreau isn’t finishing the game on his own, he’s gotten the helper. He’s had a hand in 7 of the Flames 9 overtime wins. 7! That’s unheard of, especially this early in the season.

It's not that far fetched to think Gaudreau could easily tie Stamkos' record of 5 OT goals in a season. The Flames do have a flair for the dramatic. Last year it was the Fear The 3rd mantra. This season it's all about overtime as Calgary boasts an 8-1 record after regulation. I doubt the Flames will play 9 overtimes games every 30 games on the schedule, but if they play 5-6 more for the season there's a chance Gaudreau could net two more goals. You can call him whatever you want, but Automatic seems like the best description.

Here's a look at Overtime career points leaders in NHL History:

Most Career OT Goals
Jaromir Jagr (19)
Most Career OT Assists
Mark Messier (14)
Most Career OT Pts
Sergi Fedorov (27)
Most OT Goals in a season
Steven Stamkos (5) 2011-12

by Mark Parkinson