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Game Recap: Team Sweden Eliminated Without Impact Player, Ollas-Mattsson

Team Sweden, in a complete upset game, lost to Team Finland and were eliminated from the gold medal game.



Game Summary

Team Sweden took on Team Finland this morning in a semi-final game. Without Adam Ollas-Mattsson, it was obvious that he was a huge impact as Team Sweden was eliminated from the gold medal game.

Even though Sweden opened the scoring, it would be their only goal. Both teams played disciplined hockey, staying out of the penalty box for most of the first period. Even when Sweden took a penalty, the Finnish team matched it and they played some 4 on 4 to which no goals were scored.

The second period was when it ran away from Sweden. It was a penalty-fest as the Swedish team looked a little desperate while the Finnish team looked hungry for goals. It didn't take long for Team Finland to tie the score. After a bad call on Sweden for charging, when one of the Swedes made a hit on a Finnish player who was playing low on the boards, a charging call was made after it looked as though the hit may have been aimed at the head. I don't believe that was the case, but it was coincidental contact because of the Finnish player playing down to the puck. Finland scored on that power play and then Team Sweden lost complete control. Even a Sweden power play soon after couldn't undo the mess that Sweden had become.


Even though the Swedes pushed back as hard as they could with the defeat lingering, they couldn't get the equalizer to tie the game and force overtime. Team Sweden was eliminated and Team Finland moved on to the gold medal game.

Both teams didn't quit throughout the full period, most players didn't even pay attention to the clock, and every player on the ice played hard until the buzzer, without giving up any effort even though the periods were coming to a close. The only reason they stopped playing was because they heard the buzzer, and even then, they looked up at the score clock with irritation in their eyes. That is hockey dedication. Both of these teams deserve a medal. I only hope Team Sweden can get back on track before the bronze medal game.

by Traci Kay