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Matchsticks and World Wide Web Links: God Bless Adirondack

If you thought the Abbotsford Heat had an interesting time, you've clearly missed out on the start of the Adirondack Flames.



This is Matchsticks and World Wide Web Links, the weekly roundup that'll be running throughout the season to cover other things being talked about the Calgary Flames, NHL, and various related subjects elsewhere on the internet. Enjoy!

If you thought the Abbotsford Heat had an interesting time with being deep in enemy territory, basically paid for by the city of Abbotsford, and entirely unsuccessful, you've clearly missed out on the hilariously awful start to the brand new Adirondack Flames.

The Adirondack Flames released a video about a week ago of the Very High Quality mascot "Scorch" dancing around what seemed to be a dead firefighter. Now, I could go the route everyone else went and shame the Adirondack Flames (god, I already hate writing about this team- I literally have to always differentiate them from the Calgary Flames), but they've since apologized, and given that I work in emergency services, it seems a bit hacky to try my hand at finger wagging and moralizing.

Instead, let's focus on the real story here: this was so incredibly dumb. Like, NHL Guardians level dumb. At no point during the pre-production, production, or post-production of this video (which I assume happened all on the same day) did anyone think "Hey, maybe this won't go over well". Nobody ever thought "Hm, maybe people won't love seeing a fire dancing around a dead first responder." Because really, who doesn't love seeing that?

Of course, worse than the video or what little thought process was behind it is one thing: that mascot costume. So maybe this is the best thing that could've happened- otherwise we would've had years of an AHL mascot that looks like it was cut out of construction paper.

- The Adirondack Flames are really trying to do the parent club proud: Trevor Gillies is already suspended for 12 games for slamming an 18 year-old kid's head!*

- Sam Bennett was smart back when he wasn't doing pull-ups. Where did ya go wrong, Sammy?

- Flams gonna Flam the goalie

- Steve Macfarlane at Flamesnation talks some sense about talking Gaudreau. Personally, I'd be happy if he ends up as a 40 point player. No need to get worried about him not being a 60+ guy in his first full season.

- George Canyon- the new Flames singer- is the most country name of all country names that ever country named.

- "If the NHL Playoffs Started Today, Calgary Flames Are In" I'm sure the writer of the superbly named Flame For Thought blog is a perfectly nice blogger, but let's not write these hacky hypothetical articles. It makes us all look like a bunch of Dan Tencers.

*I had a really hard time deciding between the comment I used and a joke about how Trevor Gillies didn't want to be outdone by Scorch in terms of violence. 

by Arik Knapp