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Draft Day Wailings: Will the Flames Deal?

With the 4th overall pick and five picks in the top 83 of the draft the Flames are in a very good spot today. Will they wheel and deal or stand pat?



Fourth Overall

There seems to be a "consensus" top 4: Reinhart, Ekblad, Bennett, Draisaitl.

The Calgary Flames “should” get one of those four. Any of them would be a great fit for the rebuilding club.

Yet, in the back of all our minds we can't help but think they might be going for the guy we all think Brian Burke loves in Nick Ritchie. I can't stress how little sense that would make and even though the organization has been a complete yard sale over the past, I don't know, 6-7 years, I am positive fairly confident that between Brad Treliving and the intel that he brings with him from the Phoenix organization (one that typically does things a lot better than the Flames) and the clubs actual organizational depth at LW that they have to be able to get past a big but older LW prospect.

My point here was to tell Flames fans to have a little faith. But, even as I write, I'd be lying if I told you I did. I want to… but Ken King and Brian Burke still exist… and so I can't.

Reinhart is the best forward in the draft. He'll be gone. Ekblad is easily the best D man and will likely go 1 or 2 but for sure won't get past the Oil at 3 who apparently covet Draisaitl too… so with that in mind, I do believe that Sam Bennett will be on the board at 4 and I do believe that the Flames best option is to choose Bennett and he could be the potential offensive threat of a centre the team has been searching for forever… and so the fact that opportunity exists is a good thing.

The sleeper I wouldn't rule out is William Nylander.

I want to believe in Brad Treliving and today, at the very least, we'll find out if he's just living in Burke's shadow or not.

Trade Bait, Curtis Glencross

I've been throwing it out on twitter over the last week or so that Curtis Glencross is the Flames best trade asset currently. His shooting % is crazy high and seemingly unsustainable and he's coming off an injury at the age of 31. Those are the bad…

The good? He's the fastest skater on the team has maybe the hardest shot and is a hardnosed winger who at one point could be counted on to go into the corners and emerge with the puck. He's scored at a 30-goal pace before and if healthy is a lock for 20. He has a great value contract at 2.5 million with 1 year remaining.

Glencross was a product of the Sutter era; acquired by Darryl and nursed by Brent – both of whom were likely his biggest supporters. There are teams out there that have similar philosophies as those two brothers and would highly covet a guy like Glencross on a cheap deal coming off an injury looking at his last opportunity to earn a big money contract. I’ll throw out the Toronto Maple Leafs and the St. Louis Blues as teams I’d dangle Glencross to.

Toronto: Glencross can do what they thought David Clarkson would do at a fraction of the cost. He could be the kind of gritty player we know they love (see Bolland, Dave). The Leafs apparently are dangling 8th overall, James Reimer and would be willing to deal Nazem Kadri.

Curtis Glencross + 34th overall for 8th overall?

Curtis Glencross for the rights to James Reimer and the 94th overall pick?

Curtis Glencross and Sven Baertschi for Nazem Kadri?

Am I out to lunch to think the Leafs might see that much value in Glencross? The Flames would probably need to sweeten a couple of those deals but have several picks and mid-range prospects to add to get them done.

St. Louis: This is a team that’s likely going to be active on the UFA forward market. Thomas Vanek, Mike Cammalleri, Brad Richards, Paul Stastny etc etc. But, again, for the reasons outlined above, a guy like Ken Hitchcock would love to have Curtis Glencross’ ability available to him on his 3rd line. And, the Blues have the pieces to deal.

Curtis Glencross for Ty Rattie?

Curtis Glencross and Bill Arnold for Patrik Berglund?

Curtis Glencross for a 2nd (33) and 4th (110)?

Rattie is expendable for the Blues and is a nice RW prospect which Calgary needs. Berglund might be available especially when the Blues land Stastny and St. Lou also still has a nice stable of picks with which to acquire help.


Much like last year, today is an all-important day for the Flames. But, this year, they have even more options. They have more picks, a fairly established stable of prospects, a young and eager front office, cap space galore and most importantly:


Even if the Flames stand pat and just make their picks this weekend they'll be in a better position than they were yesterday. But they do have the means with which to make their future even brighter.

What do M&G readers think the club should do? Who should they take 4th and should they deal Scoreface or should I shut my big yap?

Enjoy the day Flames fans!

by Scott