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Iginla Trade – Love it or Hate it, acknowledge Iginla’s Influence

How much of a role did Iginla play in his own trade?



Ok, I will admit I was caught up in the Twitter Storm last night and had a mini-stroke when TSN supposedly broke the "Boston" trade details. I was trying to absorb those details, research the Boston players in question when a Tweet came along that it was a conditional 1st from Boston.

I lost it at that point and my mind starting flying in all directions, conspiracy theories of Weisbrod and Feaster being spys actually working for the Bruins. I started emotionally laying into a explosive article.

When you start getting paranoid like that your mind flys in all directions and it lead me to a real heretical conclusion. Totally taboo but as I reflected on it this morning and carefully listened to Feaster's interview again it started to take root.

I have slept on it and I want to evaluate here on some facts and direct quotes.

Waking up this morning, having a little coffee and reflecting on this thing I am about to proclaim something here that is going to piss off everyone in Calgary. It is absolutely taboo in Calgary to even whisper what I am going to say now.

What I am about to assert here is of such radical departure from the established hockey gospel in Calgary that I know I know I am going to get attacked but it is also a explanation of this debacle of a return.


It is hard to explain to non-Flames fans the stature Jarome Iginla has in this City. He is the Man. In fact he is a small "g" god in the city. His character, his class, his skill, not a whisper over his long career of infidelity, of late night bar hops, gambling, nothing. He has been the sole Superman in Calgary.

He has stood alone at the top for so long in Calgary that he is almost impossible to criticize in the light of day.

Meanwhile stats guys have revealed weaknesses in Jarome's game years ago. He either could not or would not play the Sutter game.

He was likely one of the hidden powers influencing the Flames futile drive to get to the playoffs over the years. Not the only one of course but he had the ears of the Owners, no doubt. You catch flys with honey not with vinegar and no one has the honey of class like Jarome.

The question starting to germinate is how much influence did Jarome have behind the scenes on this trade, on the futile playoff pursuit of the Flames of the last several years and if he held strong influence are we right to crucify Feaster and company?

The Trade

Facts & Quotes

(1) Jarome was never on the open market, limiting possible returns.

Regehr had an NMC too and the Flames told him about the trade after the fact and he held up the trade. Jarome was in on this every step of the way.

(2) Jarome made the choice of his destination, not the Flames. If you don't like the trade should Jarome not bear at least part of the responsibility (taboo comment).

(3) Ultimately we do not know and can not know the offers that were on the table but really it doesn't matter does it. Jarome decided the team.

I wonder what Regehr thinks about this as he tried to stop the Buffalo trade after Feaster announced it publicly before Regher even knew.

(4) Jarome wanted to be traded. Keep this in mind. None of us should judge him for this desire, it is fine but keep in mind that Feaster and Company did not have free reign at all to shop for best market value. Jarome, like everyone else knows the Pens are the most likely destination to deliver the Cup. I would not be surprised if his "list" was really one team. The Penguins.

(5) Hard as it may be to hear I honestly think this trade is all about Jarome's desire for a Cup trumping max possible return for the Flames. It is a hard paradox for fans to accept and we may even be ok with it and support Jarome's quest for a Cup.

A player like Jarome Iginla is not one you want to critique or call out in the slightest. Not after so many impeccable years in Calgary but I think we have to be fair here about this trade. Feaster and Co are being forced to eat a shit sandwich right now but Jarome had tied Feaster's hands.

If you are pissed about the return and you are being fair, you have to acknowledge that Jarome played a strong role in it.

As a Flames fan, no single person should have all the power…

by M Smith