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Calgary Flames

Recap: Avalanche 6, Flames 3



The red light flashes again

A tie game no more,

Leland Irving waits his turn

Well that game sucked, or at least the last three minutes of it did. Yes, Miikka Kiprusoff was at fault for a couple of the goals (two and four specifically, in my opinion), and maybe the Flames would have won had it not been for that. But the Flames were pretty sloppy in their own zone throughout much of the game against what should have been an inferior team missing its top players, and the decision to pull the goalie while down by two goals was also an incredibly stupid one. Plus, Jiri Hudler can’t carry this team forever, people–the home team had numerous opportunities to re-take the lead with the game tied at three but couldn’t put any of them away. So, while this certainly wasn’t Kipper’s best game, I don’t think he’s solely to blame here.

The Flames outshot the Avs and according to commenter Jjjsixsix, they won the possession battle as well, so this loss really was the result of poor goaltending and poor play in the defensive zone.

The Flames play the Chicago Blackhawks, a real good hockey team who are currently second overall in the Western conference and like to deliver the Flames frequent beatings, tomorrow night–just in case you needed to see them get legitimately trampled this time.

by Hayley Mutch