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The Embarrasing Tales of Calgary Flames Management Continue



*Prepare for a dose of hyperbole, gang*

Just when you think you've seen it all.

Just when you think that the worst it can get is Darryl Sutter dealing asset after asset in return for terrible players with terrible contracts and doubling up on it by extending even the awful ones – Jay Feaster goes out and has a week that almost equals the insanity of the bitter-beer-faced disgraced former General Manager.

If Feaster isn't widely regarded as a laughing stock amongst upper-level management around the league, well then, he's getting awfully close.

For Flames fans, if our cordial neighbours to the north weren’t giving the rest of the league a clinic on how not to improve your organization then we’d realize just how embarrassing the Calgary Flames own management is.

What we've just seen is an entire weeks worth of embarrassment from the people we trust to run the franchise we love. There's much more to come after the jump, but I must warn you, if you're a Jay Feaster supporter (not sure how on earth anyone can be, but…) you're not going to like what happens next. Reality check.

Just think about it. When's the last time you heard someone say, "oh the Flames made a trade!" and it didn't absolutely strike fear into your heart?

Oh, Jay Feaster is so open and he shares his feelings on the team and he dances after wins and plays cool, fun music in the dressing room! Yip yip! But, does anyone actually listen to what the guy says? Is anyone bothered by the fact he's made an absolute fool of himself this week and every time he opens his mouth is making it worse?

Does it bother anyone that he went out and made a pile of completely ridiculous threats on Sportsnet’s intermission program, only to have his pee pee slapped by someone in the organization – likely the huge hands of one Ken King – before redacting his Thursday night statement so much that he actually said the exact opposite of what he proclaimed during that Phoenix Coyotes fiasco?

This shows that there is disconnect amongst the organization and pretty much confirms the fact that the strings aren't being pulled by Jay Feaster.

Craving the spotlight once again, Feaster goes to the media to say Olli Jokinen isn’t going anywhere and he does it 2 days before the trade deadline and just hours before the Flames go on to one-up the ineptitude they showed against Phoenix. The very ineptitude that Feaster had warned, 48 hours earlier, would lead to changes among the veterans in the room. And, keep in mind that Jokinen’s stock has never been this high as a member of the Calgary Flames, he’s on the wrong end of 30, just had a hot streak that inflated his offensive numbers and is going to want a decent raise for next year.

The more Jay Feaster opens his mouth, the worse he looks. I find it hard to believe that anyone has the confidence in this man to do anything productive with this team at the deadline, save for improving the Abbotsford Heat which is about the only thing he's done during his tenure with the club. And, I'll add to that by saying I'm scared to see what he will do because I believe his indecision and inability to properly judge the Calgary Flames as a team could lead to detrimental changes the likes of which we thought we'd never have to see again. Ok, so what's probably more likely is that he won't do a damn thing on deadline day, letting assets walk over the off-season while getting nothing in return.

How can anyone trust a guy who gets handed the reigns to a borderline playoff team, then proceeds to make a series of moves that completely weakens the team while he takes a public relations swing at Brad Richards? Now, with a roster that’s worse than the previous 10th place finishing team, guarantees the playoffs?! He thought he made this team better!! Then, when the team looks to be nearly at their worst, proclaims before the media (as he so loves to do) that the team is “going for it”, that their goal is to make the playoffs or bust. Then, the team gets into a playoff spot and is in a position where the schedule is in their favour down the stretch before he once again goes to the media and claims the sky is falling and he’s going to trade vets etc and things are going to be different. This, after two underwhelming games.

Is Jay Feaster the only person on the planet that doesn't know the Flames have been underwhelming for more than 3 seasons?

Hey, I like the feisty attitude he showed on Thursday night, I really do, but not when it makes absolutely no sense as to the timing he chose. Where in the wide world of sports was that attitude last season or during this off-season or at Christmas time and the infamous Boston Massacre? Where was this when the team was healthy and still not performing?

Jay Feaster chooses to belittle his team after they've been desecrated by injuries and actually, somehow (cough, Kiprusoff, cough) clawed their way back into the thick of the playoff race.

This is not the man Flames fans should want or feel comfortable with heading into the trade deadline, the draft, the off-season or anything much more than post-win dressing room dance music.

If someone offered you 75 cents for your dollar, what would you say? (I know, ridiculous, right?)

Jay Feaster says yes.

But, hey, when you think about the long line of those that came before him, he pretty much fits the job description, no?

by Scott