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Calgary Flames

Game 79 Preview: Snow Days



Tonight, the Flames and the Colorado Avalanche play for the final time this season.

The teams seem to be trending in opposite directions-one has youth, a outstanding rookie and some good possession guys, while the other has some old dudes that people are actually starting to actively dislike. There will be more talk about that last point come the off-season, I’m sure.

The Avalanche enjoyed a nice day of rest here in Calgary yesterday-and they deserved it, too. The game tonight is their 16th of the month, just one less then the Flames will play. It's been a rough month for the Avs, as they've gone 7-7-1, pretty much dropping them out of the playoff conversation-much like the Flames.

Much discussion was had in the Media room today regarding the (probable) death of the team this year. Sure, it's possible that the team will go 4-0. But it's the point that the Flames will have 4 days next week where they'll be sitting on their couches at home, watching the other teams pass them by. The feeling of helplessness will be unbearable.

Now that you’re sufficiently depressed, Cory Sarich is returning tonight.

One interesting thing to note: today all of the players were wearing NHLPA hats.

Some audio after the jump.

Players To Watch

Lee Stempniak-He talked to me and wi likes him.

Gabriel Landeskog-If there is any justice in the world, he'll be RoY.


Lee Stempniak Audio



by Richard Hammond