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Game 77 Preview: Playing Out The String



The Calgary Flames have a stalker!

The Stars have followed the boys in red back to the Dome for will likely be yet another peg in the metaphorical cross for the Calgary Flames. Certainly, they’re not eliminated mathamaticaly, but logically, only a 5-0-1 or 6-0 run can/will save them. Dallas looks to be a lot more comfortable in terms of playoff positioning, as they currently hold the spot that goes along with being the Pacific Division leaders. Nothing is set in stone, however, as they are part of the 5-team group who’s members have either 87 or 86 points.

No one in the Flames' dressing room will say it's over, but for all intents and purposes right now it's over. The Flames have done well in collecting loser points this season, garnering themselves one point in many games they probably deserved to lose outright. It's probably this luck that has them as close as they are to the playoffs. Phoenix and Los Angeles have done well in that regard too; one can only wonder where the Flames would be if their shootout skills (which made them one of the best teams in the league last year) hadn't completely imploded from December on.

Cory Sarich probably won’t play tonight, which means he only has 5 more games left in a Flames jersey. That 3.6 million coming off the cap would make up a large chunk of the change needed to secure a true top-four guy like Matt Carle to a deal. Alas, it is not rosterbation time just yet. No other word on the infirmary ward front.

As the Flames are pretty much locked in to the 11th or 12th overall pick, it doesn't make sense for "fans" to cheer for the team to lose. Might as well hope for some entertaining hockey now that the results don't matter so much.

Players To Watch

No One-Who on the Flames right now is really entertaining us?

Jamie Benn-Good At Hockey.


It would be nice to see some goals.

by Richard Hammond