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Calgary Flames

Game 51 Preview: We Love BBQ Here



The first game back from the All-Atar game brings unique challenges for the Flames, as they welcome the Detroit Red Wings into town. The WIngs have been absolutely dominant since their 6 game losing streak in November. Players such as Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg are just as dominant as always, and Jimmy Howard is proving my earlier doubts wrong with a .933 EVSV%-dude is, unfortunately, legit.

The Red Wings are 20-2-1 at home (with one of those two losses coming to the Flames), but have a completely mediocre 13-14-0 record on the road. This is obviously very good news for the Flames, who sport a 13-7-2 record at the Dome. If this team wants to make the playoffs, it has to continue to improve its stellar home record-even against top teams like Detroit. Really, even 3 or 4 home losses will put the team out of the race.

since we’ve seen the Flames last, Brendan Morrison has been dealt to the Chicgao Blackhawks in a completely meaningless trade. Look for Feaster to try and dump at least one or two more marginal players for young, skill players as we approach the deadline. Let’s hope the Flames took their week off and iced down their bodies for the upcoming stretch run.

Oh, and fuck you, Tomas Holmstrom.

Players To Watch

Alex Tanguay-Back from injury, it's time to turn it on.

Pavel Datsyuk-Drafted first overall at the NHL All-Star game and all-around slick dude.


Just Win, Baby.

by Richard Hammond