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Brent Sutter Not Returning (In Other Words, Fired)



In what is likely the first of several changes this summer, Brent Sutter has been fired reached a mutual conclusion with the Flames management that he will not resume coaching duties.

It’s clear Sutter was not an ideal coach for this iteration of the Flames. Constant rumors of him arguing with players (Phaneuf and Iginla were big ones) and management (remember Minnesota?) hounded him, and Hockey Operation’s insistence on sticking by the man was hardly admirable- it was much closer to foolhardy.

Not only was he beset by the rumors, he was a poor coach when it came to the actual coaching job: strategy.

As I outlined on January 7th, Brent Sutter was absolutely terrible at properly using players. He frequently gave the poor zone starts to offensive players who needed enabling in the offensive zone. Sutter was also keen on testing the definition of insanity with Jarome Iginla and Olli Jokinen: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Brent Sutter, in three years with Calgary, never got those results.

No, the only results Brent Sutter achieved was surviving his brother and giving Flames fans entertaining facial expressions.

Also Dave Lowry was fired as well. In honor of a man whose last name I always admired, I present you with this video:

Sam's Dreams-Brazil-1985 (via YouSmellLikeACat)

by Arik Knapp