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Wednesday’s Hot Coals



I just had my first midterm. I can safely say that I got at least 3 of the 30 questions right. I'm currently enjoying a chai latte as my reward.

That test is likely the only productive thing I will do today.


So, apparently everyone on the team knows what's wrong. Good. Fix it. [Montreal Gazette]

I'd be angry/concerned with these power rankings if a) I didn't think they were stupid and b) if Dater wasn't the one doing them. Because he's terrible. Awful. Terriawful. [SI]

Apparently Chris Butler is having a great time in Calgary! That's awesome, Chris. Please stop sucking. [Calgary Herald]

Former Flame Eric Nystrom cleared re-entry waivers. I honestly can’t believe that people wanted the Flames to claim him-you know, since the Flames don’t have enough guys to play that position without hitting the contract limit. [StarTribune]

After having a closed door meeting two games into the season, Brent Sutter is already missing practices. END OF THE WORLD. [Twitter]

Here's a penguin. [BBC]

How much does a win cost? Well, if you think Gabe's right, about 3 million. Hear that, Hagman? [Arctic Ice Hockey]

I Got You a Song

Smith Westerns-Be My Girl.

(via christoffelymay on YouTube)

Have a good day, everyone.

by Richard Hammond