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Tuesday’s Hot Coals: Flames 0-2 Start Surprises… Some



Seems a bit early for the city of Calgary to be hitting the panic button, but an 0-2 start will do that. Problem is, I'm not exactly sure what everyone was expecting. The team was flat to end last season, stood pat during the off-season and was then flat during the pre-season. For them to be flat to open the season seems just about right to me.

Now, I keep seeing and hearing (960) that perhaps someone like Robyn Regehr would have helped the situation. Well, as much as the Reggie deal was an exercise in how to be bad at your job, by Jay Feaster, I can guarantee you that lead-foot Regehr would not be the cure to what currently ails the Flames. The team is playing at about, what, 50% of their actual potential? The goaltending has been weak, board-play non-existent, break-out passes hopeless, backcheck missing and an all-around lack of offensive punch. I'm sorry, but Regehr would not have turned either of those losses into wins.

So we'll now turn our focus to the Habs on Thursday night in Montreal. Michael Cammalleri is reportedly out 2 weeks, so that should help the Flames cause.

Links, after the jump!

The St. Louis Game Time blog here on SBNation had a small Blues' focused recap of yesterday's tilt. [St. Louis Game Time]I may have taken a jab at this on twitter, but the Calgary Flames have put the Flaming 'C' logo in the middle of their dressing room in an attempt to bring pride to pulling on the jersey. If management only put as much effort into the team on the ice as they did into the atmosphere in and around the 'dome… look out. [Eric Francis – Calgary Sun]

Vicki Hall, of the Calgary Herald, has a recap of the Flames loss to the Blues and also some thoughts from coach Sutter on Henrik Karlsson. [Vicki Hall – Recap] [Vicki Hall – Karlsson]

Pierre LeBrun's Power Rankings for ESPN: Not kind to the Flames. [Power Rankings]

Bruce Dowbiggin hates Don Cherry. But, if not for Grapes, what on earth would Dowboy write about in his whiny column in the Globe? [G & M – Usual Suspects]

If you're not reading Elliote Friedman's 30 thoughts every week, you are most certainly missing out. The CBC has an under-utilized asset in Friedman and they're going to really regret not giving him more attention when he inevitably takes the money and runs. [30 Thoughts]

Non-NHL Link: Brandon Browner, formerly of the Calgary Stampeders, makes a huge play that affected not just the outcome of the Seahawks-Giants game on Sunday. [Browner – Calgary Sun]

Non-Sports Link: Following Breaking Bad's 4th season finale on Sunday night, The Hollywood Reporter sits down with showrunner Vince Gilligan in an excellent interview that any fans of the show should check out. [Breaking Bad – The Hollywood Reporter]

by Scott