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Penticton Prospects Tournament-Game Thread Número Tres



Wednesday, September 14th 2011-8:30 MST

Coverage: SportsNet West, FAN 960 (I think it’s my boy McLovin with the call) and On the Intertubez

Yup, it's game number three.

The embryo Flames are currently 0-1-1 in the tournament, and tonight they’ll be facing their toughest competition yet in the embryo Oilers. The ‘Nuge probably isn’t going to play, which is too bad because this would’ve been our last chance to freely gawk at his talent before he starts to systematically destroy the team we actually care about.

Joni Ortio is once again getting the start between the pipes (good thing they brought 3 ‘tendys, huh). ‘Twas a much better performance from him against the Canucks, as he made 36 stops and by all accounts looked a lot more comfortable then he did against the Sharks. That’s something to be POSITIVE! about.

Patrick Holland, Maxwell Reinhart and Sven Baertschi will make up the first line. They’ve been impressive thus far, and that’s good since those three guys are basically the extent of our forward prospect depth (Nemisz and Bouma don’t count-they’ve played NHL games and Gaudreau’s only 17), so watch them closely. Carter Bancks and Joey Leach are the other two I think you should keep your eyes on.

As always, Go Flames Go. GET 'EMMMMMMMMMM

by Richard Hammond