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Calgary Flames

More Snips!



14 more guys have been cut by the Flames this afternoon, leaving the training camp roster at 30.

12 guys are going to Abbotsford:

The other two are heading back to their CHL teams:

Obviously the notable names not listed here are Roman Horak, Jordan Henry and (my new man crush), Paul MOTHER EFFIN Byron. It seems to me at least that Horak is being kept around solely because HOPS is trying to make it look like the Erixon trade wasn’t a complete waste; every time I see him he looks like absolute garbage. Henry is definitely a pleasant surprise, and I’d just like to remind everyone that we got him for free (well, not free per se as we had to “give up” Keith Seabrook, but it’s close enough). Derek Smith is hanging around too-but I can’t think of a reason why past Cory Sarich and Brett Carson‘s injuries. Oh well. I’ve yet to see Guillaume Desbiens bring anything to the table aside from some stupid fight in a meaningless game, but he avoids being cut as well.

What can I say about Byron though? Love it. I think he's my new favourite player. God damn.

Oh, and Lord of the Suck Brendan Mikkelson was put on waivers today. You know, the guy who just signed a two year deal like 2 months ago. Whatevskies.

by Richard Hammond