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Monday’s Hot Coals: Are the Flames Officially “That Team?”



Ah, the many pleasures of being a mediocre team. 

When people like the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch start spewing trade proposals and thinking that they know what's best for the local squad, you know you're in trouble. 

Not that he's entirely wrong, that is. 

If the Flames are officially going to blow it up and call this a full rebuild, one of the first things they need to do is shed salary, and if that comes at the expense of older players like Olli Jokinen (regardless of his recent play), than so be it.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone around these parts opposed to showing Matt Stajan and his $3.5M the door, but getting rid of a player like “defenceman” David Moss and his fairly meagre salary seems counterproductive, no?

Not only is Moss one of the cheaper players on the Flames' roster, but he also brings a certain "bang for your buck." He may be struggling in his current role to start the season, but that's not to say he isn't a valuable player who shouldn't be kept around. 

One thing seems to be for certain: Until these moves become more than just speculation and the Flames keep slipping in the standings, they will be "that team" that everyone thinks they know how to fix. 

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by Hayley Mutch