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I'm excited about the fantasy league we've got going, and apparently you guys are too. Due to the overwhelming response, I've made an executive decision and expanded the league to 20 teams. Thus far, 20 invites have been sent out-if you're one of the 5 teams left to register, you've got until 11:59 on September 15th before I open up the spot to one of the people in line. If you've yet to send me an email requesting an invite, DO EET NAO and you might get in for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE.

There has been some discussion about moving the draft-the only problem is that I technically have to be present for it, and literally the only free time I have in a week aside from Tuesday morning is Saturday night. Part of the reason I have it so late is because I feel as though it makes for a better league when we have a concrete idea of what teams in real life are going to look like. I'd hate to draft player X in the first round only to have him hurt in training camp when the games don't matter. I'm open to changing it if enough people want that, however.


by Richard Hammond