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Calgary Flames

Game 6 Recap: Bad Luck



How I reacted to the Rangers goal with .5 seconds left in OT.

Ten Thoughts

-I like Scott Hannan. He is good at hockey and saved at least two goals. Likewise, Matt Stajan was pretty good tonight too.

Henrik Karlsson could eventually be a starter. Right now though, any time the puck goes near him I’m terrified.

-Brent Sutter thinks this team is way better then it actually is. Had Miikka Kiprusoff played tonight, that would’ve been a win for sure. I respect that the coaching staff has a schedule, but seriously. These are games you need to win. Karlsson should’ve played against Edmonton if he needed a start.

-Good game for Iginla with a goal and an assist.

Mark Giordano had a meh game today, despite his goal. Got caught a few times.

Tim Erixon got booed every time he touched the puck. Made me chuckle a little bit.

-The team had 35 shots on the night. Huge improvement, but it really didn’t seem like they had a lot of scoring chances (11 at ES) and Kent’s numbers reflected that.

-Smith, Sarich, Bourque, Stajan and Hagman were underwater in terms of Corsi. Don’t blame ’em since they got a lot of time against Callahan et al.

-Wait, actually-I blame Cory Sarich. He needs to leave. Go. Vanish.

-The PP was utterly and completely inept. I’m confused by the way the coaches are thinking-the team kept on dumping the puck in losing possession because the Rangers were getting to it first. Why don’t you, I dunno, carry the puck over the line? I mean, it’s not as if you have an extra fucking player on the ice. Oh, Wait.

Reverse Three Stars

1. Cory Sarich-Would’ve spent 9 of the first 20 minutes of the game in the penalty box was it not for a PP goal against. He was slow, lazy and awful. Like always.

2. Chris Butler-I’m trying so hard not to pick on the guy but he’s the reason Bouwmeester’s now playing soft minutes. Dude just cannot handle it, and it shows.

3. Henrik Karlsson-As Sarah said, how often in the past couple of seasons have we been able to say that Kipper likely would have won the team a game? Well, that probably would’ve been the case tonight.


One lazy play and inadequate positioning/rebound control cost the team the extra point. This is one of those games you look back at in March and wonder what if. The Flames’ next game is Saturday against Nashville.

by Richard Hammond