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Calgary Flames

Game 2 Recap: Happy Thanksgiving, here’s 5 goals against



Ten Thoughts

-Let’s start off with this: good on Brent for having the balls to sit Miikka Kiprusoff and Anton Babchuk. Bad on Brent for literally everything else this afternoon.

Matt Stajan and Curtis Glencross are doing a great job on the PK so far. Good for them. I guess.

-I’m going to chalk up Jarome Iginla’s issues thus far to rust. But trust me when I say I’m a little worried with his level of play right now. Doesn’t help that Andy McDonald, who he spent a lot of time against today, is a pretty good ES player. However, Iggy got his first of the year, a nice wrister from the top of the circle on the PP.

-Cory Sarich's coverage on the first goal was absolutely terrible. Like, stunningly bad (even for him). Must've forgot he was playing a hockey game or something.

-The 2nd goal against was a bit of a cluster-players and bodies everywhere, but Kevin Shattenkirk threaded a needle putting it by Karlsson.

-Once again, a terrible second period (especially possesion wise) sunk the Flames.

-Karlsson was really fighting the rebounds, but so was Jaroslav Halak. The difference? The Blues were getting the puck to the net, the Flames weren’t.

-I would say the Blues played the trap pretty well in the third, but in all honesty there wasn't much to trap.

-Fun fact: in the first 15 minutes of the third period in a game where the Flames were down by 1 and 2 goals, they had one shot on net. One shitty shot.

-Just an absolutely embarrassing performance by everyone. Too many shots given up, not enough directed towards the net, stupid penalties, terrible goaltending. The worst part of it is that there is no way the team has hit bottom yet. I know it's absurd to be saying that two games into the season…but yikes.

Reverse Three Stars

1. Cory Sarich-Holy God, old man. You are literally the worst defenseman in Flames history aside from Babchuk.
2. Henrik Karlsson-Let in three absolute softies and is seemingly incapable of controlling his rebounds.
3. Chris Butler-Man, Robyn Regehr would look really good on that blue line right about now. Nice work, HOPS! Morons.


Just a terrible effort. They need to be much better. The Flames' next game is Thursday against the Canadiens.

by Richard Hammond