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Friday’s Hot Coals: I Know A Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Marc-Andre Fleury



I was watching the FlamesPenguins broadcast last night and a friend pointed out that MAF looks terrifyingly like a guy we went to college with. So if I accidentally start calling Fleury “Tex” during the Flames/Pens gamethread, you now know why.

On that note, how great is it that the season is finally going, we can actually see if our worry and fretting is worth it or not, and really, just HOCKEY.

It’s rare that the Leafs give Flames fans something to cheer about- last night was one of the few times though. Former Flames forward, Matt Lombardi, long since traded away to Phoenix in the Olli Jokinen saga, then signed by Nashville and traded to Toronto, scored his first goal after a year lost to concussion woes. Not only that, but he did so short handed.

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  • Bruce Arthur talks about a great moment for a player returning from injury and also what a horrible person Don Cherry is. [National Post]
  • Elliotte Friedman talks with Nation blogger Thomas Drance about advanced stats in both his eyes and the eyes of mainstream media. [FlamesNation]
  • Puck Daddy named Matt Lombardi one of its three stars of the night and narrowly avoided making a MATT COOKE ROCKET RICHARD TROPHY joke. Smart move pulling up on that one Wysh. [Puck Daddy]
  • Something every Flames fan loves: Roberto Luongo lying on his stomach watching the puck go in behind him. Priceless. [Pensburgh]
  • And in case you missed, the Official Matchsticks and Gasoline Standings Predictions Post from last night. [M&G]

by Arik Knapp