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Your Matchsticks and Gasoline Trade Deadline Primer



It's just around the corner folks- the 2011 NHL Trade Deadline. Starting tomorrow you'll see a lot of stuff going up here about it. What players we think Jay Feaster should target, who should be sold, possible salary scenarios.

It'll be a lot of stuff- and all of it good. Then- on the big day- we'll be putting up a CoverItLive thingamajig. One of those fancy live blogs, where Hayley and I will be online for most of the TDL. We'll be putting up normal posts of course, but the livechat is more of for quick reactions, questions, takes on other team's moves, and banana jokes. It'll be lively, engaging, and awesome. Completely awesome.

Finally, one last piece of information/linkage: the SBN NHL Trade Deadline Hub is located here: It’s a completely awesome tool that has every SBN post about the TDL. Great for up to the minute news from every team.

by Arik Knapp