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Tuesday’s Hot Coals



Welcome to the inaugural Hot Coals post, the new Matchsticks and Gasoline daily clippings and links post. You'll see one of these every day M-F during the offseason, and seven days a week during the regular season. For this first week I'll be taking care of the posts, and then one day a week will be given to a different author.  Enjoy!


  • Apparently, the Flames believe they can re-sign Alex Tanguay this summer. Anyone have a horse ranch they can lend to Ken King and Co.? A litter might be acceptable for the new GM. [Calgary Herald]
  • Robert Cleave of takes a look at similar players with similar contract situations to Glencross. It’s good news. Just as important: make sure to enjoy the last of his writing before he jets off to or whatever it’ll be. []
  • Sports Haze has already started on the NHL Mock Draft. Yes. Already. Anyways, they’ve gone through the first ten selections so far, and while they haven’t gotten the Flames yet, they have left SVEN around long enough that it’s a possibility. We can only hope. [Sports Haze] [Sports Haze]
  • In case you missed it yesterday, this is why SVEN being available matters. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • Down Goes Brown is hilarious. That’s all you need to know. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Finally, in non-hockey stuff, a pretty nifty workout site that keeps track of your progress like a video game. Sign up and we can be international workout buddies! I’m ajknapp. [Kotaku]

by Arik Knapp