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Thursday’s Hot Coals



The NHL Awards were on last night. If you missed it you may be grateful. You avoided some pretty harsh name pronunciations. Puck Daddy did a best and worst article, if you want the highlights.

Here is a link to the winners. I’m posting this link because I agree with his comments on who should of won, except for the last one.

Of course Perry should have won. Arik and I both said that way back in the comments of an article I am not going to look up.


Yesterday Harley Hotchkiss passed away, which is a big deal for Flames fans and all hockey fans, even if they don’t know it. This is an owner who didn’t waiver even in the face of his own personal losses to keep the Flames in Calgary when many were proclaiming the NHL had no future in small Canadian markets.

He also contributed to designing the new NHL economics, have a read about him here and here. The Prime Minister commented on his passing, as did the Premier of Alberta and even Domebeers put up a serious eulogy and you know when Domebeers is serious, well, that says it all. 

Something Flames fans have tended to take for granted over the last 30+ years is the solid ownership we have always had. A man with a life well lived and we were lucky as fans to have him as one of the Flames owners. Check out this video tribute.  


Quote of Note:

“Somebody in my family said, ‘I don’t know who’s going to have the biggest scowl, you or him.’ But my wife reminded me, ‘You are now the associate, you don’t have to scowl anymore.'”

—New associate coach Craig Hartsburg, of the intensity both he and Brent Sutter have behind the bench.

Sounds like coaching is about to look even more intense on the Flames and who thought that was possible.


In a side bar issue that will interest only me, the most interesting thing about the Vancouver hockey riots is the aftermath of death by public internet stoning that is occurring online and via facebook.

A array of social and legal issues will spring up from this. If you have a 14 year old daughter who comes home one day crying and saying her life is over, take note that this time she may have a point.

If you care to read through this incredibly self-absorbed / self excusing apology which proves more than anything that you can educate a person but you can’t give them integrity, anymore than you can lead a donkey to water but you can’t make them drink.

I find it fascinating how this social death by internet plot is playing out but I know that is probably just me.


Flames Nation scribe Kent Wilson gives his summary of the first round draft targets – Check it out.

And TSN’s redraft for 2010 and 2009 because in hindsight it is always easy.

Onto the Draft

by M Smith