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Say Hello To Our Eventual NW Division Rivals



With the sort of important news that is Atlanta moving to Winnipeg happening today, SBN has been prepared and has already set-up the formerly stats only hockey blog Behind the Net and its writers as the new Winnipeg "Not Yet Determined" blog.

Gabe Desjardins, the managing editor at what is only temporarily named Behind the Net, is understandably excited about this.

Behind the Net has always been a Winnipeg Jets blog – our 15-year odyssey in the wild has not found us a new favorite team – and we are going back to our roots. We will be the official SBN blog covering the new Winnipeg entry in the NHL – at a new site, with our current team of writers plus some new ones. There will be much more to come once the league finalizes the details of the sale. For now: GO Jets GO!

But on a sadder note, Bird Watchers Anonymous will be shutting down eventually. Here's the official SBN announcement on it, but of a more personal note–here's the BWA goodbye post by Matt. It's sad and heartfelt. and no matter your opinion on Winnipeg VS. Atlanta, nobody wants anyone else to lose a hockey team. With any luck, the Atlanta writers will stick around the other blogs, and one day have a well-run team that is well-loved in town.

I've personally enjoyed the work of Matt, Timmy, and Laura, and enjoyed talking to Matt on the SBN hockey group and Laura over twitter. I'll be sad to see them leave. Best of luck to them all.

by Arik Knapp