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Matchsticks and Microphones: Post-Draft Nonsense Special



What's this? A surprise offseason edition of Matchsticks and Microphones? Incredible!

Not only is it as amazing as usual- it’s even more amazing. The All-Star cast includes Justin Azevedo (who always does an excellent job of putting this together) of Hockey and Booze, Mike H. of Hit the Post, Hayley and myself of, you know, here, and special guest star Pat Steinberg of the Fan 960 and, who’s terrified of swear words.

In this special episode we “discuss” (by which I mean listen to Justin yell about) the Regehr trade, talk draft signings, and go into a little bit on development versus drafting and which is the problem with Calgary Flames draft picks.

We'll have another episode shortly after Free Agent Madness on Friday (if you haven't noticed, I refuse to call it free agent frenzy), and hopefully more surprises in the coming weeks. For now though- here's the link.

Matchsticks and Microphones: Post-Draft Nonsense Special

by Arik Knapp