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Matchsticks and Microphones Episode 9 (3/24/2011)



A day late is better than never, and so I give you latest episode of Matchsticks and Microphones. I haven't listened yet, but top sources assure me that it is just terrific. Who, you ask?

Top. Sources.

The roster is a mystery to me, though Justin is of course hosting. The topics are equally mysterious, but my spidey senses tell me it has something to do with the Flames and the playoffs. Also games recently played and upcoming games.

As always, the intro and outro music is “Another Room” by Blair Miskie and the Goods, here’s their website and here’s a link to the iTunes mp3 version of the song- it’s good stuff. And finally, the podcast mp3 is after the jump. Enjoy!

Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 9 (3/24/11)

by Arik Knapp