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Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 1 (1/25/11)




That’s right folks, the first official Matchsticks and Gasoline podcast has been released- and it’s awesome. It features yours truly; our lovely administrator here at M&G, Hayley; Ryan Lambert of Flamesnation and Puck Daddy, and Justin Azevedo of the 4th Line Blog, who’s the host and editor of the podcast. Listen after the jump!

There's a bit of language, mostly from myself and Justin, but it's pretty clean, relative to most gamethreads.

It's an mp3 file, so you can download and play on your iPod or iTunes at your leisure if you don't want to stream it or something. Enjoy!

Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 1 (1/26/11)

by Arik Knapp